Magnatron is back, but this time with a darker and powerful vision. Boasting high quality compositions and more harder hitting Retrowave beats, Magnatron 2.0 is the new emerging sound. Intricate Retrosynth with progressive electronic experimentation. Audiophiles are in for another treat to add to their collections. Magnatron 2.0 strays from the norm, and delves into new synth frontiers. 

We are living in dark times and the natural resource and food shortage has reached an all-time high. In his efforts to save earth with the creation of CodeForm, Magnatron creates a duplicate of himself. Harnessing all of the bad and negative aspects, Magnatron's duplicate begins on a warpath until he has consumed enough energy to become the messiah, the ruler, the controller. Magnatron is now faced with two options; face and eradicate this virus, or sit back and witness the destruction of the Cyberrace. 

Witness the Rebirth of Magnatron and the rise of .... GodWave.

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